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Ourige: Biquipédia, la anciclopédia lhibre.

Esta recomendaçon ye pa ls eiditores nun-fluentes an pertués.

This recommendation is intended for editors who are not fluent in Portuguese.

What purpose serves Biquipédia

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Such as any other wikipedia, the goal of mwl.wikipedia (called Biquipédia) is to offer the speakers of Mirandese a free content online encyclopedia which anyone may edit. Thus, first and foremost, as means of education in Mirandese language, Biquipédia must be written in correct Mirandese. You can't transmit good knowledge in incorrect language, only bad knowledge.

The Mirandese language

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The number of Mirandese native speakers today is approximately 10 000, all of them living in the northeast municipality of Miranda do Douro, Portugal - a region demographically aged.

The current situation in Biquipédia

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The number of fluent speakers of Mirandese currently actively editing Biquipédia is none. There were some in the past. There may be some in the future again. Currently Biquipédia is maintained by a handful of people who have nothing but a basic knowledge of the language. Therefore, the editorial process of Biquipédia became less creative and more conservative. Editing Biquipédia today is very limited. The greatest limitation of all being the creation of new articles. There is a machine translator from portuguese to mirandese available, but this is just a machine. Any translation thus performed must (no exceptions) be revised thoroughly by a human. This human, notwithstanding not being a fluent speaker of Mirandese, must be fluent in a language very close to Mirandese, which means in an iberian romance language. Besides that, he/she must compare scrupulously the text with the available linguistic resources on the Mirandese language - a hard and long work. These resources, which are few and scarce, are all of them written in portuguese, when they're not written in mirandese itself. So, really, there's no chance you may make a significant addition of text in Biquipédia. The machine translator will make no difference, since you can't revise the text yourself and the community is too small to do it for you.

What you can do

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You can always contribute in a way that avoids using the language: update interwikis, solve broken links, propose the merging of articles, add images, define templates, and so many others. You can always resort to the Embassy or the Village Pump for help. This does not include though the creation of sketches of articles with almost no content, because you would avoid then the linguistic issue. Yes, you would, but Biquipédia is not supposed to be a repertoire of minuscule encyclopedic entries about anything in existence that could possibly be mentioned. You could create a new tiny article with one line for each street in world. You could always argue that you're just setting the bones and then the local community will fill the structure with the flesh. That's true for greater wikipedias, such as en.wikipedia. For Biquipédia that's not true. The community here is too small for that. Most probably, no one would ever fill it with the flesh, and all those sketches would remain sketches for all time.