Carlos Peña Rómulo

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Carlos P. Rómulo.

Carlos Peña Rómulo' (14 de janeiro de 1899, Camilíng, Tarlac - 15 de dezembre de 1985, Manila) fui un diplomata, político i scritor felipino. Fui l persidente de la Assemblé Giral de las Naciones Ounidas an 1949–1950. 

Libros publicados[eiditar | eiditar código-fuonte]

  • I Saw the Fall of The Philippines
  • Mother America
  • My Brother Americans
  • I See The Philippines Rise
  • The United
  • Crusade in Asia (The John Day Company, 1955; about the 1953 presidential election campaign of Ramon Magsaysay)
  • The Meaning of Bandung
  • The Magsaysay Story (with Marvin M. Gray, The John Day Company 1956, updated re-edition by Pocket Books, Special Student Edition, SP-18, December 1957; biography of Ramon Magsaysay, Pocket Books edition updated with an additional chapter on Magsaysay's death)
  • I Walked with Heroes (autobiography)
  • Last Man off Bataan (Romulo's experience during the Japanese Plane bombings.)

Bibliografia[eiditar | eiditar código-fuonte]

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